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Meet Giles: digital inclusion droid

I’m Giles, the digital inclusion droid!



I’ve been programmed by Newydd to help people navigate the digital world. It’s easy to be left behind because technology is advancing so quickly. Being online and in control of your tech opens thousands of doors to millions of people. It can seem daunting at first for some, so I’m here to be your digital inclusion guide.

You’ve probably mastered opening and sending emails, and I’m confident that you know your way around Facebook. There’s so much more you can do online! Did you know that you can order a repeat prescription online from your GP? How about doing your weekly shop from the comfort of your sofa and have it delivered to your door? You can even report a problem in your street directly to the local council using just the camera on your phone. Did you know you can pay bills, set up a direct debit, cancel and order new credit cards all from a touch of a button on your phone or tablet?

How about catching up on your favourite TV shows? You can watch thousands of programmes on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 for free. You can even cast what you’re watching on your phone to watch it on your television with the right tools.

Join me and my colleagues over the next few weeks as I show you how to do everything listed above and more.

We’re kicking off on the 15th of Octber with Get Online Week’s #try1thing before charging straight into our very own #DoItDigitally campaign.

For some hands-on digital training, have you considered visiting one of our digital champions?

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