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Giles’ guide to online entertainment

We’ve established that the internet and mobile devices are excellent tools for making life easier. However, it’s also a great way of unwinding and having fun. You can use your phone, tablet or laptop for entertainment normally reserved for television.


TV on your mobile device

Have you got a favourite TV show? Perhaps you’ve found an amazing new show, but you’ve missed the first few episodes?
Once again, the internet holds the answers! BBC iPlayer keeps its programmes online to watch in your own time. Some may be available for a limited time while others may be archived for a months or years.

ITV , Channel 4, Channel 5 and S4C all host their shows online for free. You’ll need to register an account and you’ll still need a TV license to watch BBC programmes online.


Here’s a 5 step guide on how to find and watch a programme on the BBC iPlayer:

1. Go to BBC iPlayer

2. Click on the Search BBC iPlayer search bar in the top right corner.

3. Type the name of the programme you wish to watch and press the magnifying glass symbol (or enter on your keyboard).

4. A list of programmes matching that search, as well as related programmes, will appear in the window.

5. Click on the programme you want to watch and then press play to begin!

If you want to a different variety of programmes and access to some blockbuster movies, Netflix and Amazon prime offer some fantastic entertainment to stream on your device. You will need to pay for these applications, with the cheapest option coming in at around £6 per month.

If you would like someone to guide you through this step by step, simply turn up to one of our Digital Drop-In Schemes located across the Vale and RCT. You can find more information by clicking here.

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