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We have lift off!

Welcome to Newydd’s first ever, brand spanking new blog.

This first entry is by me, Dei, digital media officer at Newydd. Far more interesting posts by far more interesting people will populate this blog as the weeks and months (and eventually years) roll by.

I hope this blog will give you a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at Newydd and a chance to get to know the lovely people who work here. This blog is for anyone and everyone;  tenants, members of the public or even Newydd staff. You may be reading it now but one day you may be writing for it too!


Image of Steff and Dei at The Castle Pub, Barry
That’s me on the right, and graduate surveyor Steff on the left.


A little about me

I joined Newydd in June 2017, having spent almost three years at the Scarlets. I’m excited to be starting this blog. This is one of many projects that are finally getting underway after doing a lot of research and groundwork. Between now and the new year, I hope you’ll get to see some of the finished projects and campaigns come to life.

I’ve already had fun launching campaigns over the past 12 months, such as the #GetHapi campaign that led to the launch of Hapi II over in Rhydyfelin (which featured a video with puppies). Our Money Guidance campaign offered financial help over the Christmas period and our most recent campaign helped bust the myths about low-cost home ownership. There was even a cheeky nod to my love of rugby with a Desktop Rugby Championship during the Six Nations.



Coming soon

Upcoming campaigns will focus on helping those facing new challenges in 2018/2019 (such as the roll-out of Universal Credit that’s due this year). There will also be a community healthy eating project and an inspiring campaign focusing on employability.

Housing Yorkshire: Somewhere to Call Home was aired on Channel 5 earlier in the year. Which department would you like the cameras to follow if there was a documentary made about Newydd?


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