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Kirsty Bowen

Low Cost Home Ownership

I’m Chris and I have been with Newydd since 2014. My main role is to help manage the private lettings arm, ‘Living Quarters Wales’. I also help the development team to promote and sell our new build homes for sale under our Low Cost Home Ownership scheme in The Vale.

(And here’s me preparing to play rounders earlier this year.)


I love this part of the job as I know how hard it is for people to get on the property ladder these days. The feeling you get knowing you’ve helped someone fulfill their dream of being a home-owner is special and rewarding. Having had personal experience buying under a similar scheme, it allows me to provide a better service for our buyers.

There are a lot of myths when you talk about buying a shared equity property, but I don’t think I would have gotten on the property ladder without a scheme like this. Recent market values can make you feel that homes are out of reach.

One of many benefits is that it makes it easier to save for a deposit due to the discount you can get under this scheme. For example, if you had a property that was worth £135,000 on the market and the shared equity percentage was 30%, you would only need to raise funds for the remaining 70%. In this instance, that would be £94,500.

Both the development and marketing teams are working hard to share and bust the myths of buying a Low Cost Home Ownership home. You may have spotted some of their videos, like this one:

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