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White Ribbon UK

Joyce Watson AM writes this blog looking at the White Ribbon campaign throughout the UK. From November 25th, Newydd supported the campaign’s 16 days of action.

Laura Jayne Stuart. Hollie Kerrell. Fiona Scourfield. Three women killed in Wales this year by a man they knew.

This International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women let their names ring out. Let the names of all the women killed by men be spoken across the country during these 16 days of activism.

Every week in England and Wales, two more women will lose their life. Thousands more – 1 in 4 – will experience violence at the hands of a partner at one time or another.


How many?

How many of us can say: ‘Me Too’?

How many know too well the desperate cycle of abuse – bullying, control, fear, misery?

How many more women must suffer before we say no more?

Before we stop the wheel of abuse turning? Before we silence the daily death knell?

November also marked International Men’s Day. And just like not all women are victims who need to be protected and rescued, not all men are aggressive brutes. The vast majority are not.

The best of that campaign is about making it easier for men to open up, to talk about their feelings. It won’t end violence against women and girls, but it might make the men who are great partners, fathers, brothers, friends and colleagues feel braver speaking out.


White Ribbon

The White Ribbon Campaign is the same; it is about empowering men to stand up and be counted. To encourage them to get involved – to challenge and change unacceptable attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate disrespect and violence.


As another politician once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Today we need good men to do something to end the evil of gender-based violence.


For Laura, Hollie and Fiona it is too late. But for their sake, for goodness’ sake, let’s pledge to make the White Ribbon message of respect ring out in every community in Wales.

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