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New builds: Campbell Court

Ollie’s back with another update. This time he looks at one of our newest builds in the Vale of Glamorgan. Afterwards, we learn a little about Section 106 and what new builds are coming soon. If you’d like to get to know Ollie, check out his blogging debut here and follow him on Twitter.

“Our development team handed over seven newly built affordable homes in St Nicholas; a well-connected rural village in the Vale of Glamorgan. Four 1-bed flats and three 2-bedroom houses make up the ‘affordable terrace’.  They sit among family sized properties developed by the highly regarded Waterstone Homes in Campbell Court.

“Delighted Newydd tenants moved into five of the seven properties with enough time to put up the Christmas lights. The remaining two homes are for sale through our Low Cost Home Ownership scheme; a brilliant opportunity for first time buyers.”


How were they built?

“The development team supply the high demand for affordable homes in our areas by any means possible. This requires involvement every step of the way. This includes seeking potential sites, getting planning consent, and managing the build. However, our homes at St Nicholas were delivered through an agreement made between VOG Council and Waterstone Homes. This agreement is called a Section 106.

“This kind of agreement is a useful way of building both affordable and private homes on the same site. Local authorities use this to promote affordable housing locally. Newydd were the chosen affordable housing partner in the case of St Nicholas. We bought the respective houses and flats following regular meetings leading up to completion. The housing department then received the properties to find people to live in them.”


Will there be more?

“Yes! We’re involved in two other exciting Section 106 agreements in the Vale. 26 homes on a Barratts Homes site in Barry Waterfront should be completed in this year. A total of 190 affordable homes and LCHOs on the outskirts of Cowbridge are also set for handover in 2020 by Taylor Wimpey.”


How do I buy?

If you’d like to buy one of these beautiful homes, click here.

Would you like more information about our new builds? Want to know how to apply for a home? Want to learn more about our low cost home ownership schemes? Visit our website Here you can chat to us using our Live Chat service. You can also email us at or call us on 0303 040 1998.


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