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Tenant Involvement

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” – Henry Ford

I’m Tracy and I’m a community regeneration officer for Newydd.

Giving tenants a voice

My main role is to lead tenant involvement and make sure tenants have a voice within our organisation.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that tenant involvement is well and truly mainstreamed throughout our organisation. This something that has been led by senior management since the very beginning. Our tenants are encouraged to have their say, help us make the right decisions, and directly influence the services they receive. We engage with our tenants because of the real difference they make.


What changes have tenants made?

Many of our tenants go to meetings and workshops, become mystery shoppers, inspectors, and respond to surveys. Over the years, they’ve helped us make important improvements. One such improvement was recommending that we establish a direct labour organisation to deliver an effective repair service. Another was to form a centralised customer service team to act as first point of contact for all enquiries. Both of these suggestions have had a massive impact on Newydd. We now have an established maintenance team and an effective customer service team. This is proof that every tenant can bring something to the table.

The most notable service improvements have been recommended by our multi-award-winning scrutiny group. They have been at the forefront of tenant scrutiny in Wales for almost a decade. They continue to challenge us and affect positive change, they are truly valued ambassadors who passionately represent our tenants’ voices.



Engaging with us

We have used mainly traditional methods to engage with our tenants, but following a major shift to digital, we will be offering more opportunities for tenants to interact with us. This includes improved social media platforms, email/text consultation, My Newydd, blogging, vlogging, community reporting, online forums, videos and podcasts.

We have just rekindled tenant groups for each of our major departments. This is something that existed in the past, but now we’re breathing new life into four new tenant led groups:

Development group

Independent living group

Maintenance and asset group

Housing group



This year promises to be challenging and exciting, but I’m looking forward to working with our tenants, both old and new, to help shape Newydd’s future services.

After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

For more about how our tenants are helping us move forward, check out our #YouSpokeWeListened campaign.

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