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Sarah’s Journey

My name is Sarah, and I’m a plumber at Newydd. I joined the organisation in April 2019, but I love working here and everyone has been so welcoming.

Before joining Newydd, I was an apprentice with Celtic Horizons who service United Welsh. The apprenticeship took two years to complete, and after finishing, I was keen to remain in the housing sector. It’s such a rewarding career. I get to meet loads of new people every day and I’m proud to help maintain their homes to the highest standard possible. Seeing them pleased with the work at the end of the day, and knowing you’ve made a difference, makes the job so much better.


Before Newydd

I haven’t always been a plumber and I’ve got experience in working in a variety of different roles. I’ve worked in retail and behind a bar, but I never felt satisfied or settled in any of those jobs. I always kept an eye out for different opportunities that would suit me. My brother started an electrical apprenticeship and asked me if I had ever thought about going into a similar trade. I always loved hands-on work and relish getting my hands dirty, so when I saw an opportunity to get into plumbing, I leaped at it.

Since becoming a plumber, I love every day on the job, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. It comes with its own unique challenges and it’s hard honest work.

I have a life outside work as well, of course. In fact, when I’m not out and about seeing to tenants’ plumbing needs, I’m out and about or doing things with my family. I’m a mother to two beautiful daughters aged four and two, so I don’t get too much time to myself at the moment. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

When I’m not working and being a mother, I like to unwind by training in the gym. I’m also a member of a Cardiff based baseball team, the Splott Sluggers and train with them twice a week.

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